RECAP: Papa Woowu & Jah Gumby at Downbeat Lounge

What seems like a month ago happened last weekend—the all-vinyl reggae party we’ve been planning and promoting since early June finally came into existence when Oliver started the night at Downbeat with his set of reggae-inspired beats.

Wait, scratch that. The night started when the Kahala Kai set sail from Ala Moana Harbor for the Dig This Vibe pre-party in collaboration with Yacht Rock Hawaii. About 50 people enjoyed a three-hour boat ride heading toward Diamond Head as the sun edged nearer and nearer to the Waianae mountain range, only dropping below the mountain cliffs after painting the sky for us in bright orange and red.

Yacht Rock Hawaii x Dig This Vibe

Yacht Rock Hawaii x Dig This Vibe | July 20, 2013

Woowu was on the boat, as were a handful of his Hilo homies and Oahu friends who couldn’t wait for the party-party at Downbeat later that evening, where no doubt Woowu and Gumby would spin monster reggae gems.

Wait, rewind. The most dedicated Woowu fans were treated to an in-store dub set at Jelly’s earlier that day. All-vinyl, of course, and quite like what you’d expected to hear after listening to this mix.

Papa Woowu at Jelly's

Papa Woowu at Jelly’s

That’s how the day started, which soon transitioned into watching the sun set from a boat off Waikiki, which then concluded with two of Hawaii’s veteran vinyl collectors throwing down the heaviest (and rarest) reggae gems Honolulu will hear for a long time to come.


No wonder it felt like a month ago—three spectacular parties in one day is enough to last the whole year (well, almost, since we’re already planning our next gig to send 2013 into the history books).

If you missed it, you missed out on an incredible time. And sorry, we didn’t record their DJ sets, either. See you soon.